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Raised by Wolves: My Life in The Jungle Book


I like linguistics, drinking good wine on cold nights, accumulating an array of novels and over-sized tomes, culinary escapades, movie musicals from the 50's and 60's, photography, well-made tea, Jesus, my kiddo, my husbeast, road trips, tattoos, burying myself in craft projects, and movies/books intended for people much younger than me.

I haven't set foot in Hungary in over a decade and yet I still catch myself dreaming in it.

I have a lot of health issues, but I'm learning to cope with them and make the best use out of the body I have. After all, it's the only one I've got.

I have this talent for throwing together delicious food. It makes me question whether that health sciences degree was worth it. I like to make my own clothes, even if I am not very good at it. I share my birthday with Lauren Bacall -- this is somehow incredibly relevant. I'm one of those people who chair dances while driving in their car and sings loudly into their steering wheel. Touch my tea and you will die. I have a secret love affair with museums, please don’t tell my husband.

I tend to be very opinionated but only my good friends hear about it in great detail. Most Myers-Briggs tests say I'm an ESFJ. Tests also say I am a Hufflepuff. I consider both to be fairly accurate. I agree with Garfield that Mondays are bad, sleep is good, and spiders should be elsewhere. If you friend me I will likely friend you back.

I suspect I came with a user manual, but that I put it down somewhere and it got lost. That happens to me.

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